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Well as usual our attempts at updating the site have failed. But you don’t care there are billions of websites that i’m sure have kept your attention in the meantime, like The Chalker Chronicles or  Cobraswag.


the Jaymeister or Jay man or Jay “the man” Masonek, im not sure how you refer to him is having an art show in New york if your out there attend that thang. It’s sure to be a stunning representation of Post-Post-Post modern art, or whatever.

photo-1And in other sweet news Wes “wesman” Allen just put together a pleasant new edit and Jay also put together a new tribute video for our late friend Joe Hyland .

check it out here… WES VIDEO YO               JAY VIDEO YO

P.S. for those of you that have never used the internet. if you click on the links you get additional viewing pleasure.


Ledge life

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Im sure everyone in the Santa Rosa skate community is aware of the demolition of the ledge spot aka foley street, the slab, the spot, or whatever. It was a fun DIY spot that hosted many awesome people, I am happy that it was a place that all could gather and enjoy themselves. A big thanks to Pat for finding it, Uriah for making the dream a reality, and everyone that skated or helped build it. NFJH NFTE

Here is the first footage from the ledge spot, it’s the footage of Pat on the tree     link to video or click picture of pat


and here is one of the last videos ever made at the ledge spot, created by Jon Lohne and featuring many pleasant riders and rosa fam. link here or click on the picture of Chris doing a blunt fingerflip


until next time, have fun and stay pleasant

Stuff happens

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Over here at the pleasant compound were getting ready for the spring line, which means some new video stuff. Here are some poorly taken photo’s that document our filming adventures thru oakland.

photo 1

Im aware that this photo of Robbie doing a 180 degree spin move sucks, but deal with it.

photo 4

And as im sure all of you know the ledge spot is going to be torn down, or an elaboarate hoax has been organized to force all of santa rosa to skate. so here are a few of the many photos that ive taken of the spot. Big thanks to Uriah for helping turn this empty lot into a full on diy spot.photo 5You can likely expect a ledge spot retrospective post to arrive sometime this week. I know, just what you all wanted….


whats good

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For your viewing pleasure here is the Lionel “the loach” rocha getting some aerials on a ramp (in case you couldnt already tell).


and in unrelated news, Stewart made the lengthy drive from santa rosa to oakland and filmed some clips for an upcoming Weeakvids. here is a photo from his trip


skate date with chris and some videos

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In an attempt to update more frequently here is some skate date photos, I swear we actually skated.



we also had the pleasant art show last week or last year or whatever, below is some art pictures, my camera died so thats all you get.



And just so you dont feel like you didnt get any skating click on this link or the link below to watch Pleasant Hardware fam Tony Manfre in this allcity showdown vid, and congratulations to them on 3rd place.


happy holidays

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This website has gone a while with no update, I had a some stupid excuse about the apocalypse and how we decided it doesn’t matter if we update the site because the worlds going to end, But in all reality I just haven’t updated it.

On that note here is a photo of Kevin “Nacho” Belew doing what im assuming is a nosegrind, while the pleasant team manager and Oulk homies look on

sexy skate calendar

If you find yourself in Santa Rosa tomorrow come to an art show put on Pleasant and Toebock


A Pleasantly Ugly BBQ

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Pleasant and O.U.L.K are teaming up for a best trick contest and BBQ at the Santa Rosa Skatepark.

It starts at 3 and goes until Sunset.

we provide hot dogs, anything else you wish to Q is on you.

prizes for the top 2 best trickers and random product tosses along the way.

and for all you road soda drinkers its BYOB.